Gilmer Fishing Club

Fishing from Gilmer High School

Things We have:

20 Quality Rods

4 Reels

Things We Need:

Fishing line for Reels (about 120 yds per reel)

              Preferably 8-12 lb for monofilament

              preferably 40-60 lb for braided line

15 quality high speed Reels 5.3:1 ratio or higher

             (baitcast Open Face)

Soft Bait Donations 

Crank Bait Donations

Jig and Spinner Skirt Kits    Click "Kits" to link

                    (for changing colors)

Soft plastic bait hooks and weights

Tournament Weigh-in Bags 

              (click for an example)

Tournament Cull Kits 

              (Click For an Example)